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Weekly: I"m the editor of the weekly Ny Tid , the 55 year old paper which became Norway"s first news magazine on January 27th 2006.  Read our 64-paged globalized magazine in Newsweek-format every Friday.  

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A new, spring 2008-cooperation with Al-Jazeera and International Herald Tribune - in addition to exclusive columnists like Irshad Manji (Canada), Natalia Novozhilova (Russia), Anna Funder (Australia), and Seema Guha (India) - gives you the best of international views and reporting, translated into Norwegian. Kohinoor, Håkon Harket, Nazneen Khan-Østrem, and Anne Hege Simonsen are some of our Norwegian-based columnist.

Radio: Together with Queendom"s Monica Ifejilika I"m presenting "unknown world heroes from global history" every Monday at 22.00 on "Zulu", Kanal 24, Norway. About Nzinga, Akhbar, Biko, Chassanatoga, and more... Listen to it live here.


In contrast to conventional wisdow, the American philosopher Robert Nozick (1938-2002) in later years dismissed his libertarianism in Anarchy, State, and Utopia (1974). Nozick rather embraced a philosophy based on "social ties". Abstract of the cand. philol.-thesis Leaving Liberterianism. Social Ties in Robert Nozick"s New Philosophy (2002).

Interview (Norwegian) in Minerva about the unknown facts of Nozick"s philosphy after 1989.


The Norwegian Year for Cultural Diversity 2008 ("Kulturelt mangfold") is finally here. Here"s how school teachers and text books can do better in order to teach Norwegian students about the country"s diversity throughout history.


Al-Jazeera: Original Axis of Evil: Colonial empires

By Dag Herbjornsrud

Iraq, Kashmir, Palestine, Northern Ireland: The root causes of the world"s hottest conflicts lie in the break-up of Europe"s  colonial empires. But who dares admit it?”


Al-Jazeera: “Europe to Arabs: Help us help you”:

Fifteen years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, we in Western Europe have a similar challenge to the one we faced during the Cold War: To cooperate with democratic forces, this time in the Arab-Muslim world.”


Al-Jazeera: "Western Europe united against Bush"

"I probably live in the most Bush-sceptical country in the world.

That should give Muslims and non-Muslims hope, because we do not face a clash of civilizations. Our challenge is rather huge political clashes inside our own nations."

In Arabic: Bush, Kerry and the World opinion (Al-Jazeera):


00TAL (Sweden):  “Cultural Revolution! Now!”

“Europe needs a cultural revolution. And in order to obtain this revolution, we want war. It is in fact our whole world-view at the beginning of the 21st century which is at stake.”




Global Perspectives on the US (2007) 

- contributing article, with Stian Bromark, about Western Europe"s relationship with the U.S.

A unique, global three-volume book series about the world and the US, by Berkshire Publishing Group:

"This unique, nonpartisan survey, written by experts from around the world, is the first general resource to explore the role and image of the United States from the viewpoints of the peoples and nations of the world."


"This valuable Global Perspectives on the Uniteed States should have a healthy influence on the present and future policies of this nation." Howard Zinn on the back flap, also recommended by Immanuel Wallerstein.

Read our contributed article.



Norge - et lite stykke verdenshistorie (2005)

Norge - et lite stykke verdenshistorie Bromark, Stian / Herbjørnsrud, Dag Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad

Did you know that Iceland"s Snorre Sturlasson in his Edda wrote that people from Asia are "wiser and more beautiful" than anyone else on earth?


"En sjelden gang gis det ut bøker som fortjener vår alles oppmerksomhet, og her er definitivt en av dem." Sten Inge Jørgensen, VG





 THE FEAR OF AMERICA (2002/2005)

(Frykten for Amerika): Review by Bawer in Hudson Review.

"America and Europe need each other, perhaps more than ever. More sane, sensible European books along the lines of Revel’s L’obsession anti-américaine and Bromark and Herbjørnsrud’s Frykten for Amerika can help." (Bruce Bawer)

* Nominated for Brageprisen, Norway.



Read the unknown info in Blanke løgner, skitne sannheter:

* World Trade Center was built as a homage to Mecca and Islam!

* This is the book that changed Norway"s main encyclopedia, Store Norske. The article about "racism", written by the professor Sigurd Skirbekk, was in 2002 (on the webpage, in 2006 in the paper edition) replaced by a new and more balanced definition by Torgeir Skorgen. This happened after a hefty media debate with the publishing house Kunnskapsforlaget, caused by the 50 pages long critique of the Skirbekk-definition in this book.




Al-Jazeera cooperates with Ny Tid (Ny Tid, 07.03.08)

Back as the editor of Ny Tid (Ukeavisen Ledelse, 01.02.08)

Starting as editor of the weekly Ny Tid  (Ny Tid, 28.05.05)

The need for a new Enlightenment (Apollon, 02.04.05)

Fadime Sahindal was not a Muslim!  (Ny Tid, 12.02.05)

Writing for Al-Jazeera  (NRK, 30.10.04)

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